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Markpoint is a script for converting markdown documents into HTML presentations


MarkPoint is in npm and can be installed with:

npm install -g markpoint


markpoint [options] <input file>

-h | --help             This help text
-t | --template <file>  Use <file> as HTML template
-c | --css <file>       Use <file> for css
-n | --name             Set the presentation name
-s | --split <n>        Split pages by headings of level <n> or lower (default 2, min 1)
-o | --output <file>    Output to <file> instead of stdout

Input format

The input file should be text formatted as markdown.

Headings must use # syntax rather than underlines.

Markpoint will split the content into pages using headings. The highest-level heading that will be used to split pages can be set with the -s option.

Markpoint will split pages into parts (that are hidden until you click through the presentation) by higher-level headings and bullet points (*).

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