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gnowt A URL shortening service that uses memorable words


With Twitter's move over to shortening every url in every tweet, I quickly got sick of seeing URLs that look like shrt.lnk/sdl83JU, i.e. a domain name followed by an unfriendly muddle of uppercase letters, lowercase letters and numbers.

Gnowt is a proof-of-concept URL shortening service that stores URLs and provides a short link like:

I felt that a URL shortening service that used words to identify the link would be more useful in a number of ways:

  • I can remember a short sequence of words much better than a sequence of characters
  • It's probably just as quick to type a few familiar words as it is to type an unfamiliar code
  • You can tell another human being in person or over the phone how to get to your URL much easier if it's made of words
    • "Go to shrt dot lnk slash ess dee ell eight three upper-jay upper-yoo"
    • "Go to gnowt dot offend dot me dot uk slash out now here" This will be better if I buy a nice short domain name of course
  • If the service knows it's looking for words, it can be flexible over input

What I mean by the last point is that, if you've entered a URL into gnowt and it says your new URL is, you can actually also access that as:

  • now here

Whatever you find more aesthetically pleasing I guess.


Mmmmmmm numbers.

One concern I had was that my shortened URLs might get considerably longer than other services once gnowt is storing a good number of URLs and thus losing the benefit of being memorable.

To offset the possibility, I made sure that all the words in the list were well-known and unambiguous words. I did this by:

  1. Taking a list of the top 6000 most frequent words
  2. Removing all but nouns, adjectives, and adverbs
  3. Removing plurals
  4. Removing profanities (I'd be upset (ok, maybe amused) if my URL ended up being
  5. Removing any words that are spelled differently in different forms of english (I'm thinking of colour vs. color here)
  6. Sorting the remaining words in order of size so that we use up shorter words first
  7. Removing any words longer than 6 letters

The word list contains 1693 words. This means that there can be:

  • 1,693 one-word URLs
  • 2,866,249 two-word URLs
  • 4,852,559,557 three-word URLs
  • 8,215,383,330,001 four-word URLs

By the time it gets up to four-word URLs, that's a total of 8,220,238,757,500 URLs.

Let me say that again: 8 trillion, 220 billion, 238 million, 757 thousand and 500 hundred URLs.

(When you get to 5, it's nearly 14 quadrillion)

I reckon that's enough to be getting on with for now. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong :)

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