Here we are again. Not many successes against last year's list but I'm still alive so I guess there's time.

New Year's Resolutions

  • Write at least one short story

    I did do some writing but not a lot.

  • Write and release at least one games

    Well, no, but I got a lot closer. I have a game mostly working and just need to make time to work on it

  • Go horse riding

    Still not done.

  • Keep learning languages

  • Learn BSL with the Mrs.

  • Lose at least a stone (in weight, from myself)

    This is here once again. My new job has meant a change in lifestyle and I've struggled to adjust. I need to get more exercise in.

  • Contribute more to existing open source projects.

    My new job has changed the way I contribute but I'm happy with how things are going now :)

  • Pass all of the AWS certification exams

    Achieved during the year but I'm going to leave it here as now there are 3 new exams to work to ;)

  • Stop reading click-bait "articles"

    It's become a habit and it's a proper waste of time.

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