Win or lose?

I never paid any attention in art classes. On reflection, I think we had an awful teacher who more or less ignored those of us with no latent talent or interest. I grew up mildly jealous of people I knew who could draw and always wished I was able.

Over the past few years, I've heard several people say that artistic ability is 10% talent and 90% practice and I've considered giving it a go at some point. Recently, we bought some pencils and a pad for my son and this evening, with a glass of wine at hand and some 70s rock on the stereo, I decided to take the plunge and see what horrors I could submit the unwitting page to.

Here's the first thing I've drawn since school:

It's supposed to be my wife

It was supposed to be my wife. If you know her, you'll know I failed ;)

I focussed too much on the individual features and not enough on the overall shape. The eyes and hair aren't bad (at least they look something like hers), but the mouth and nose are too large and disproportionate - though recognisable.

I decided to try drawing what was in front of me: a ghost-shaped candle holder:

A photo of the candle holder

That's a photo by the way, not my drawing ;)

Here's the drawing. I killed the perspective somewhat but at least it's recognisable!

My drawing of it

After I'd drawn the ghost, I decided to have another go at my wife while she wasn't paying attention. This one looks more like her but the eyes look as though she's been in a fight and the hair is a tad more Edward Scissorhands than I'd intended.

Overall, I got a better result than I'd expected from my first three attempts at sketching in 20 years. This might turn into a series.

More than willing to receive criticism and advice from people who know what they're doing with a pencil :)

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