As last year, here's this year's TODO as a diff with last time.

New Year's Resolutions

  • Read even more (fiction and non-fiction)

    I'm certainly doing plenty of this now :)

  • Write at least one short story

  • Write some moreand release at least one games

  • Go horse riding

  • Learn some more turkish

  • Keep learning languages

    I've been having a good time learning with Duolingo recently and have found learning more than one language is helping recall in all of them.

  • Play a lot more guitar

    Lots more guitar played in 2015 than 2014 and it ought to continue through this year.

  • Lose at least a stone (in weight, from myself)

    Utter fail on this one. I've put weight on. Efforts shall be redoubled and all that.

  • Receive a lot less email

    I'm gettting a lot less email these days.

  • Blog more

    I'd say it's been about the same but I'm happy with that.

  • Write more software

  • Release more software

    Definitely nailed these two.

  • Be a better husband and father

    Pfft. I'm the best, natch.

  • Improve or replace the engine I use for my blog

    Much happier with how this works now.

  • Contribute more to existing open source projects

  • Pass all of the AWS certification exams

    Especially as I'm going to be working there this year ;)

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