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Things I wish someone had told me before / I would send in a message to my earlier self through a time portal / I will pass on to my child(ren):

  1. Do not form pointless habits; they will hurt you eventually.

    This includes, but is not limited to: knuckle cracking, nail biting, and the annoying compulsion to ensure that things are arranged symmetrically.

  2. Make lists, not war

    a. If Workflowy doesn't exist yet, invent it.

    b. Make lists of everything. Lists are cool.

  3. Drink more water.

    • When out drinking, switch to water an hour before you intend to go home.

    • Drink more water at all other times too.

  4. If you have any debts, focus on those first but not to the total exclusion of entertainment.

  5. If there's a way to do it without incurring debts, do it that way.

  6. Learn another language as early as possible; it gets considerably harder the longer you wait.

  7. If this message came through a time portal, figure out how it works and tell people!

  8. Read more. Fiction and non-fiction.

  9. Write more. Again, it doesn't matter what, just write.

  10. Accept that not everything will add up to a nice even number.

  11. Practice things more. A modicum of latent talent is not enough to compensate for a lack of practice.

    This applies most specifically to music.

    Also, use "latent" and "talent" together more often.

  12. When someone tells you you're great, remember it and keep the memory ready for...

  13. When someone criticises you or puts you down, don't let it upset you. Take away any message that could help you improve but don't dwell on the negativity.

  14. Expect more from yourself than from other people.

  15. Play more group sports.

  16. Know when to stop. Like this.

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