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One of my new year's resolutions is to lose a stone. After some consideration of how I might do that, I decided some sort of diet would be in order. Fairly obvious, I suppose, but I did toy with the idea of seeing if I could do it just by exercising more; I don't think it would even be possible to practically exercise enough to burn off half of what I like to eat.

Before Christmas, I had been thinking about reducing my carbohydrate intake as it seemed that every meal I was eating centred around bread or potatoes. Curry, for example, was all about mopping up the sauce with the naan bread :)

I decided, in the interests of science or summat, to go the whole hog and drop my carbs completely. Well, almost completely. I've been on this very-low-carb diet for about three weeks now and I've already lost half a stone. It's probably not sustainable but here's why I think I've lost weight already when previous attempts at eating less have failed:

  1. The general advice on the intertubes seems to be that, when eating low carbs, one should eat more fat to feel sated. That seems to bear out so far; I've been having things like omelette cooked with butter for breakfast and I don't get hungry until lunch time easily.

  2. Having a very simple rule to stick to has made it easier to stick to. Simply telling myself "try to eat a bit less" or "eat more healthily" may have been a little too wishy-washy for my probably-slightly-autistic brain to deal with. "Has it got a carbohydrate content of greater than 5%? Then no, you can't have it." is a hard and fast - and therefore simple - rule to adhere to.

  3. Carbs seem easier to gorge on than other foods. I can devour a massive portion of chips without pausing for breath but I simply can't do the same with steak or vegetables.

  4. Every meal feels like a treat. When I can bust out home-made salads with various exciting meats and "naughty" cheeses for lunch, it feels like I'm having something special every time I eat. Dinners consisting of some sort of meat plus some nicely cooked (this likely means with butter) vegetables are fantastic.

  5. There is almost no way to eat any kind of snack food, so I don't. Fruit is quite high in carbs so I don't eat too much of it. Crisps, biscuits, and sweets are right out and I'm not even tempted any more.

  6. I don't need to count anything or keep a tally in my head.

This morning, I just proved to myself the main reason this diet is working for me. I have forbidden myself carbs and I have just about enough willpower to follow that rule because it is just one, unambiguous rule. I haven't been following it completely strictly; I allow myself a beer every now and then. Today, I decided to have a cheat breakfast and included some home-made chips. Without even thinking about it, I ate an absolute ton of them and now I feel slightly sad and very, very full.

Lesson learnt; back to the diet. With any luck, I'm looking forward to being 13 stone by my birthday.

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