New year this year passed basically the same as last year, though even more enjoyably.

I decided I'd better review my TODO list from last year so here's a diff :)

My firstsecond new year as a dad was a very pleasant one. The Mrs and I polished off atwo bottles of champage (I never used to like the stuff -I still can't get enough of it now) and put our favouritea wide variety of tunes on all night. Dylan woke up at precisely two minutes to midnightdidn't wake up all night :)

New Year's Resolutions

I don't normally make new year's resolutions but I'll give it a go. Here's my resolution list for this year including those not done from last year.

  • Sort out NatWest

  • Sort out LoveFilm

  • Buy a house

  • Read even more (fiction and non-fiction)

  • Write at least one short story

  • Write some more games

  • Go horse riding

  • Learn some more turkish

  • Play a lot more guitar

  • Lose at least a stone (in weight, from myself)

  • Try to be less of a pedant (except when it's funny)

  • Try to be more funny ;)

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