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I went for a walk in the park with my family a couple of weeks ago; my beloved mp3 player was in my coat pocket. The next day, I put my coat on and noticed that the mp3 player was gone! (Tiredness is making me forgetful and not notice things very quickly). Now, after a couple more days, I'd accepted that I'd very likely dropped it while walking and would never see it again and went back to using my old mp3 player.

When I got home today, while opening the door to the back passage [not a euphemism], I happened to glance at the ground near my front door and there, just under the gas meter box right by the front door, was my mp3 player!

Two possibilities occur:

  1. The player dropped out of my pocket either on the way in or out of my house.

  2. I had dropped it somewhere near my house and some kind neighbour (or passerby), picked it up and put it under the gas meter box.

Either possibility has mysteries. If I dropped it near my front door, the chances of it happening to have found the very small gap necessary to nestle right under the gas meter box - conveniently sheltered from the elements - seem very small.

If it was put there for safe-keeping by another person who had noticed it dropped near my house, why not leave a note to let me know?!

Either way, I'm most pleased :)

And if option 2 is the one... thank you very much whoever it was!

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