Wife and baby in bed, listening to the Beatles on vinyl, idling in IRC waiting for sleepiness. I very much doubt it'll be long.

Turns out that being a parent is quite hard work. Well, not hard exactly - just tiring. It also comes with a pretty total rearrangement of priorities, intended or otherwise. During the later stages of pregnancy (and even some of the first week or two afterwards) while there was quite a bit of waiting around, I had loads of ideas for things I want to write - some I even started writing. I'm talking code and music here. Now, I can only remember one of them and I doubt I'm going to have time to work on it any time soon :S

I don't know if I'm just overly selfish or summat but I feel almost ready to explode through lack of a creative outlet. Geekery might seem like something on the other end of the scale to "creative" but it really, really isn't. Writing code and writing music feel very similar to me. My code usually runs a bit better than my music sounds though ;)

On the upside, I'm working from home tomorrow so that should at least give me a chance to properly focus on getting some work done.


git-aux isn't written with node as I'd previously stated, because I rewrote it in bash :D

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