After some fun times writing an application at Proxama, I ended up open-sourcing a new web framework for Node called Nosef. I've just finished porting this site over to it and I'm pleased to say everything went very smoothly and the code that runs this site is now /much/ smaller :)

I think I've written more Javascript this year than I have throughout the whole of the rest of my life. I'm not sure whether I find that thought disturbing or exciting.

I've made peace with Javascript now and come to a kind of zen conclusion about it: Pretend the ugly bits don't exist (don't ever use them, shout at people if they do) and it's actually rather nice. Yep, you heard me, Javascript is nice.


In other news, I've finally spawned! I have a delightful baby son now and I've promised I won't go on and on about him so that's it. There are lots of photos of him online if you know where to look (if you care, email me). He also has a twitter account.

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