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And I'm not talking numbers.

Optimus Prime

The original and best. While I don't think the new movies are too bad, when I think of Optimus Prime, I think of the original cartoon series :)

I was just thinking that the voice of Prime in the new movies was a very, very good approximation of the voice used in the cartoon series and a quick search tells me that they are actually the same guy! Well I never.

Optimist Prime

A few years back, while I was on tour with my old band, there was one morning around the middle of the tour where we'd hit a few snags and it seemed like things might fall apart. We were travelling with another band and between us, we seemed to have split in to two camps: those who were depressed, angry, and convinced that all was doomed to failure; and those who were aware that we were already having the best time of our lives and any snag was just that: a minor inconvenience.

I was in the latter camp and between those merry few of us, we decided that what we needed was an Optimist Prime to help us defeat the evil forces of Negatron and his Depressedicons.

Optometrist Prime

For some reason, this popped into my head this morning and I decided to compile a list of Primes. Mostly so I could share the wonder of the above Optimist Prime :)

I suppose Optometrist Prime would just look after the other Primes' optical sensors.

Optional Prime

Not required

Opportunist Prime

This Prime would've just taken Megatron down while he was incapacitated rather than agreeing to that stupid duel.

Apologist Prime

Ok, I think I'm beginning to run out of Primes.

Additional Primes welcome.

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