Strange lunch break

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With a burning need to fill our fridge, I set out for the land of Sainsbury's during my lunch break today. On the way, a number of strange things happened - or rather, a number of strange things seemed to happen. I suspect they're more a reflection of my state of mind today. I've probably been watching too much Dexter.

Strange thing number 1: The tail

After coming home from rehearsal on Monday night, I'd been forced to park my car on the next street as all of the spaces were taken on mine (something that I'll probably rant about in the future). Having walked to my car, got in, and started down the road, I realised that I'd left my shopping list at home. I began the twisty-turny drive around the block back to my house and noticed that a blue car had been following me all the way along my illogical route.

I parked outside my house (there was space!), went in and grabbed the shopping list. After starting my car up and performing a quick three-point-turn, I continued my pilgrimage to Sainsbury's. Near the end of my road, the same blue car went past me and I'm sure the driver looked at me guiltily.

Strange things number 2 and 3: The cyclist and the woman in the car

After I'd completed my shopping, I returned to my car, filled it with my shopping and got in. I then realised I'd forgotten to buy a lettuce. While crossing the car park, I noted that a woman in a black car who had started her engine around about the time I'd emptied my trolley had now stopped her engine and was watching me walk past her back to the store. Just before I got to the store, I was nearly hit by a cyclist who was cycling across the car park much too fast.

I bought my lettuce.

On the way back to my car, I had to stop for a car that was crossing the car park very quickly; the driver looked the same as the cyclist!

Once I'd got in my car and pulled out of my parking space, I noticed that the woman in the black car had started her engine and was also pulling out!

Strange thing number 4: The geography teacher

On the journey home, I drove past my old high school geography teacher who I'd mentioned only the other day to my old high school IT teacher who I'd bumped into in a queue at the fish'n'chip shop. I've not seen or thought of either of them for some years.

The End, or is it?

Nothing more happened except that I had a strange compulsion to blog about these events ;)

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