Black Jack - pick up seven!

After a fairly hectic week, it's been a very enjoyable weekend all in all. Friday evening was spent chilling out with some Mario Kart and card games. After a lie in and finishing the house work on Saturday, I went for a brief but enjoyable bike round around the city before stopping off for a pint in the Cider Shed Fat Cat Brewery Tap. In the evening, I went to a great party hosted by a good friend and met loads of his other friends - a very different kind of evening and some fantastic food. I also found out that I am still, for good or ill (most likely ill), very capable of drinking far more than is good for me! Consequently, today has consisted of sofa, a bit of Wii Fit (haven't played for ages, good fun), more card games, some Speed Racer (wheeee), blogging and, very shortly, reading in bed.

My wife and I have been playing card games a lot recently and I think we're in need of more. Any recommendations for fun card games for two players will be gratefully received. Here's the games we play at the moment.

  • Black Jack - Not the casino game. This one's from my school years and is similar to Uno but using regular playing cards. An excellent game; if anyone wants rules, let me know.
  • Gin Rummy
  • Rummy - We only started playing this today as I stumbled upon the rules
  • Newmarket - Not much fun with only two people though
  • Ten card brag

I'm gearing up to Cribbage; Nurcan hadn't really played card games before and we just decided to start while in Frank's bar one evening a few months ago.

I can tell this has been a fairly relaxing weekend because I can't immediately recall what I was working on last Friday. The past few weekends, I've let work stay in my mind and put in a few extra hours while free so I think I needed a weekend off. That said, we've both got a week off coming up very soon; no plans for it, just some time to chill out :)

We watched Chopper at the party last night. That was the first time I'd watched the film properly (i.e. while not plastered) and it was even better than I (hazily) remember!

Are you alright Keithy George? Do you want a cigarette?

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