It's all Geek to me

Don't worry, sfr, this isn't really because of this morning :)

I was wondering the other day, following a somewhat laboured conversation with my wife (I forget what it was about now), why it is that geeks are generally socially awkward. It often occurs that I've taken something too literally (mostly unintentionally) or that I've explained something to such excess that she no longer remembers what I was babbling about.

Is it that social awkwardness leads one to become interested in things like technology and programming (or trains or whatever) because people are far too difficult to deal with and often respond unexpectedly and unpredictably? I've been very pleased that I can make a computer do exactly what I want it to right from the age of 6 or so.

Or is it that a predisposition to being interested in technology is incompatible with, or leads away from, a good development of interpersonal skills? "He spent all his time with his head buried in books rather than spending time with his friends."

Perhaps both can be true and they reinforce one another. For myself, I can't remember a time when I wasn't both interested in computers and socially awkward. I certainly didn't scrimp on spending time with my friends. Summer holidays and pleasant evenings were mostly spent outside playing in the fields (and the building sites) while time spent at home due to bad weather or friends being on holiday or, dare I say, being grounded by my parents was spent tinkering with our CPC464; mostly learning BASIC or running through type-ins and other trickery from Amstrad Action magazines.

Perhaps there are geeks that aren't socially awkward in some way and perhaps there are socially inept people who aren't geeks. I've never met any. Perhaps that's because they don't go out much ;)

So why are you a geek and why are you socially inept?

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