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Well, after a while of struggling with it, I now officially like the new "tree" version of i3. My difficulties came from not reading any documentation to go with the new release and expecting it to work the same way. That turns out to be rather incompatible with the change in layout model ;)

I spent a good hour or two grumbling at how some basic functionality had been broken and that it was a huge effort to simply get a screen split into four with one terminal in each corner.

After living with a "broken" window manager for a while, I decided to check out the documentation. From there on, it all made sense :) Splits are a great way to manage how things will appear and, while my initial reaction was "but that adds more keystrokes to do something I could do before", I can see that the new model will need fewer altogether.

Of course, none of this really makes any sense unless you're already using i3. Needless to say, i3 is great and I highly condone its use. Read the manual first though to get the most out of it ;)


Following a night out with work folks last night, I found myself contemplating the experience of getting older as I showered and ate my breakfast this morning. I really don't see what anyone's worried about. I'm constantly finding that, as I get older, more and more of the hangups I had in the past are fading. I worry less about everything turning out alright and what people will think of me if I do something a certain way. I think, essentially, I'm becoming more confident and more selfish.

Selfishness I take to be a good thing :) Selfishness does not mean abusing other people to get what you want because you'll end up having no friends and no support for doing/getting the other things you want.

My hair's been receding and (dare I say it) thinning on top for a while and I think I've more or less accepted that large parts of it will have to be removed at some point in the not-too-distant future and don't really worry about it. I've more or less lost the ability to stay up until 2am and function successfully the next day; never mind drinking the night before work. Again, I don't really care; I'm more content to go to bed at midnight than I once was. I do hope it's not a slippery slope to my dad's bed-at-ten, up-at-six regime though ;)

In short, as the good man himself said: Don't panic. Stuff seems to work itself out. Now, where're my slippers?

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