HTML5 and holidays

Further to my last post, I've solved the problem of loading pages via AJAX with thanks to @davidtreynolds and history.pushState() :)

I've also added comments with Disqus as it seemed easy to set up and meant I didn't have to write code for it.

I've been having a look at the new stuff that's in HTML5 over the past few days and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. I like that there are now tags that allow you to divide your content up in ways that make sense semantically and hopefully avoid some of the silly div-craziness that goes on at the moment. I can't help feeling though, that it seems a little arbitrary and, in places, over-specified. It strikes me as odd that there's a <nav> tag for specifying where your page's main navigation menu lies. I'm not sure why, but it does. I'd provide evidence for my feelings but I want to give myself a bit more time to read more and let some of it sink in before I can really judge.

Anyway, what do i care? I'll just continue to do increasingly sick things with javascript ;)

I had an idea for a new application the other day; watch this space.

We're off on holiday in a mere handful of days! I'm as much looking forward to the journeys as I am the destinations we'll be visiting. Here's the plan:

  1. Drive from Norwich to Dover
  2. Eurotunnel to Calais
  3. Drive from Calais to Paris
  4. Park the car in an underground carpark (already booked) and forget about it for 5 days
  5. Explore Paris
  6. Drive from Paris to Bruges
  7. Explore Bruges for 3 days
  8. Drive from Bruges to Amsterdam
  9. Try not to spend too much of the 4 days there in cafes and generally being lazy
  10. Drive from Amsterdam to Hoek van Holland
  11. Ferry to Felixstowe
  12. Drive home

Google tells me that's 1008 miles of driving :) I've upgraded my TomTom to the latest Western Europe map so hopefully it'll all be very smooth.

Has anyone been to Paris, Bruges, or Amsterdam and have any recommendations for things we should do/see while we're there?

Given how unorganised the both of us are, we've utterly failed at learning any choice phrases so we'll be surviving Paris on my memories of high school French, Bruges by pointing, and Amsterdam in English from what I understand.

I wonder how often I'll be required to recite my name, where I live, and the names and ages of my family members.

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