Blah, cold. Do not want.

I suppose I've been lucky not to have caught a cold until this late in the year. When I was younger, I used to catch a cold nearly every month of the year. This will not help with the workload!

Today looks like it's shaping up to be a break from the Django to write some more sexy NFC stuff with Node :)

Javascript's rather nice these days and, alongside python, is my preferred language for writing webby stuff. That said, I really enjoyed getting stuck into some C last month too

Not a conversation I can repeat, but I just overheard a conversation here that really exemplifies why I'm far happier here than I ever could have been at Validus. There's a certain kind of attitude that developers need from management and it's certainly not one of "we know better than you about what you do despite not actually understanding (or really caring) what you do"

I can't decide whether I think loading page content by AJAX is sick or not. Par example, this site (at time of writing) loads only the content when you click on a link meaning that you'll never see the page refresh - which is nice - and that you'll never see the URL up there ↑ change - which isn't. Still, there are permalinks on the page ;)

Back to feeling ill, Django, NFC, node. Probably not in that order or necessarily sequentially.

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