I got home this evening to a letter which really pissed me off.

First a little bit of back story: Shortly after we moved into this house (in December last year), we discovered that the bathroom suffered badly from condensation so, having had a similar problem in our last flat, we made sure the extractor fan was on whenever we took a shower and for a while after and also that we left the window open for at least an hour or two after every shower. This was not much fun during the winter.

Shortly after new year, I contacted our letting agent to inform them there was a problem with condensation and that mould had started forming on the walls despite our religiously using the extractor fan and keeping the windows open for long periods even on days when it was freezing outside. They promised they'd get back to me. This conversation repeated a number of times over the following few months with them never calling me back or any action being taken.

Last week, finally a guy was sent round to inspect the bathroom. While he was there he said "yes, I can see you're having some problems with condesation; that'll only get worse when you get to winter. Do you use the extractor fan and keep the windows open?" Calmly I replied that we did and the I'd iterated that fact to the letting agent a number of times.

When I got home today, I found a letter containing the following:

Following Trident Green Preservations[sic] recent visit I have enclosed a copy of their report.

[Good, good.]

Trident Green Preservation have test the level of moisture and there is no evidence of damp. In their opinion the problem is being cause by condensation

[Yes, I know. I told you that.]

I would like to bring your attention to clause 2.9:

To take all reasonable precautions to ensure the premises are adequately ventilated at all times and prevent all problems and damage caused by mould and condensation"

[Yes, "reasonable". I think we've gone beyond reasonable. Windows open for hours during the winter, calling the letting agent a number of times and remaining very patient.]

Please can you ensure that window[sic] are opened and extractor fans are used at all times when the bathroom is in use.


I think a shouty phone call and a threat to visit the CAB are in order tomorrow morning.

[Cucking funts]

This is on top of a number of other problems I've reported and ended up waiting for longer than is reasonable for any response, let alone any action. Our landlord is, in a word: useless. In two words: fucking useless. In three: lazy and useless. In four: Tight, lazy, and useless.

I considered more words but it ended up with more swearing than anything descriptive.

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