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For some reasons that I can't quite put my finger on, I've been thinking about starting a blog recently. I think I just want to have somewhere to dump various things as and when they pop into my head. I expect there'll be a mix of things I've come across that made me go "ooh" and things that make me go "grr".

That would've been a far better pop song.

First thing to note, this blog engine I've written for myself (I tried a number of times to convince myself to get started with Blogspot and the like but couldn't get on with any of them) isn't perfect! Currently it just picks up all files in a directory and treats each file as an entry. It just picked up the vim .swp file for this entry; less than pretty!

Second thing of note, this site runs on a node web server that does a few magical things to make maintaining a site easier for a lazy git like me. That and I wanted an excuse to play around with Node some more :)

Try navigating around a bit and then turn off javascript and do the same and spot the subtle difference :)

Third, I'm not convinced this font is right. I quite like the colour scheme so far although I'm sure I'll get bored of it soon. I get bored of inconsequential things easily and change them frequently; my window manager for example. That said, I've stuck with i3 for quite some months now and have it in my .xinitrc on all of my machines. That's dedication.

I'm pretty sure I had something in mind when I started writing this but it's entirely gone now whatever it is was so I'll get back to drinking some more turkish tea and gently coercing the wife into liking SG1 ;)