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New year, new diff. Here's last year.

New Year's Resolutions

  • Write at least one short story

    I didn't do much writing this year at all so I'm going to swap this one for...

  • Get at least one blog post published under AWS blogs.

  • Write and release at least one games.

    Still nothing released. I had several more ideas and wrote a few more proofs of concept but in general, I'm terrible at finishing anything.

  • Go horse riding.

    I'll just leave this one here.

  • Learn BSL with the Mrs.

    Heh. Nope.

  • Lose at least a stone (in weight, from myself).

    Lolcry :(

  • Pass all of the AWS certification exams.

    Well, I passed the Networking exam so there's only the Big Data exam to go for now.

  • Stop reading click-bait "articles"

    I did curb it a fair bit.

  • Drink more water.

  • Do more exercise. Specifically, more running and cycling.

  • Have at least two excellent holidays.

  • Eat smaller portions. Specifically, use a small plate for dinner more often than not.

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