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2014-04-15 — Permalink


I had occasion recently to need an entry in my ssh config such that connections to a certain host would be proxied through another connection. Several sources suggested the following snippet:

    ProxyCommand nc -x <proxy host>:<proxy port> %h %p

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2014-03-26 — Permalink


tl;dr: broke my collar bone, ouch.

Since my last post, I've had a second Judo session which was just as enjoyable as the first except for one thing. Towards the end of the session we went into randori (free practice) - basically one-on-one sparring. I'm pleased to say that I won my first bout but in the second I went up against a guy who'd been learning for only 6 months or so. After some grappling, he threw me quite hard and with little control and I landed similarly badly - owch.

The first thing I realised was that I'd slammed my head pretty hard against the mat and that I was feeling a little groggy. After a little while, it became apparent that I'd also injured my shoulder. The session was over though and I winced through helping to put the mats away.

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2014-03-05 — Permalink


I've been meaning to write something for weeks but somehow I never quite seem to get around to it.

Never say never. That old chestnut. Two in the bush gathers no broth.

Troy's Moan

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2014-01-31 — Permalink


I discovered my new favourite fact about my new favourite language recently. I suppose it should be obvious but I hadn't though about it in explicitly these terms.


char* myStringArray[] = {"Hello", "Goodbye", "Tomatoes"};

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2014-01-30 — Permalink

Stuff what I done

The diet is still going fairly well apart from a lapse yesterday owing to work-sponsored lunchtime pizza for a workshop session with JG and an evening meal out for Dad's birthday.

Roasted broccoli is the best thing ever.

I finally switched over to using mutt for my primary mail client after pondering doing so for ages. With some pretty minimal setup, I've already got more featureful (and considerably less annoying) than any other client. I honestly (actually) don't understand why people are so put off by terminal applications.

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2014-01-26 — Permalink


One of my new year's resolutions is to lose a stone. After some consideration of how I might do that, I decided some sort of diet would be in order. Fairly obvious, I suppose, but I did toy with the idea of seeing if I could do it just by exercising more; I don't think it would even be possible to practically exercise enough to burn off half of what I like to eat.

Before Christmas, I had been thinking about reducing my carbohydrate intake as it seemed that every meal I was eating centred around bread or potatoes. Curry, for example, was all about mopping up the sauce with the naan bread :)

I decided, in the interests of science or summat, to go the whole hog and drop my carbs completely. Well, almost completely. I've been on this very-low-carb diet for about three weeks now and I've already lost half a stone. It's probably not sustainable but here's why I think I've lost weight already when previous attempts at eating less have failed:

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2014-01-16 — Permalink


New year this year passed basically the same as last year, though even more enjoyably.

I decided I'd better review my TODO list from last year so here's a diff :)

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2013-11-01 — Permalink

xmodmap Hints and Tips

Originally posted on Rolling Release. I'm reposting this here as I recently broke my finger and so made a few changes to my xmodmap settings to accomodate the ensuing one-handed typing. Once again, I had to search for how to use xmodmap and came upon my own

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2013-06-27 — Permalink


Shootah is a work in progress. It will be a sort of shoot-em-up game with elements from various games. At the moment, it mostly resembles asteroids.

Play Shootah

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2013-05-12 — Permalink


Herein an brief account of our holiday at my wife's parent's house in Adapazar─▒, Turkey.

Day 0 - Drive

For the first time, we decided to book a hotel near the airport for the night before flying. Luton is only a two hour drive away but with a 6:30am flight and a small child, we decided a hotel would be prudent.

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